Keep It Simple

There is no fancy blog post here. I’m a fan of keeping things simple. Lately I’m seeing a lot of folks who are thinking out loud about starting their own podcasts. And I encourage them to do so, even if I don’t get to help them in the endeavor. I’ll tell you what I tell them:

Don’t overcomplicate the process.

There are easy ways to do a podcast, and you can incredibly complicate the process if you want to. The barriers to producing a podcast are very low. I know people who are literally recording their podcasts in their closets with a hand-held digital recorder. I know others who have unnecessarily dropped a lot of money on hardware and software that require huge learning curves. And if, like many podcasters, they stop producing episodes after a short run, what do you suppose is going to happen to that equipment?

It’s better to start simply and let your growth dictate the need for complexity. This is the part where I invite you to drop me a line if I can help you simplify things.