Corporate Training Podcasts

Corporate Training Podcasts: Podcasting may be the innovative training solution your company is looking for. Companies are now using podcasts as sort of “morning announcements” for their staff—to connect with employees and convey valuable information and enhance corporate culture.

Don’t Ghost Your Audience

Perhaps the worst thing you can do as a podcast producer is to alienate your audience. No one likes to be disenfranchised. Whatever podcast you produce, finish it. Even if you can’t finish a storyline, or if you are just moving on to other things, tell your audience what is going on. Closure is invaluable. Don’t ghost your audience.

Too Many Podcasts?

There are TONS of podcasts on the open market now. Pandemic has actually seen a lot of people step away from their jobs (voluntarily or not), to find themselves with time and talent that they are turning towards podcasting. The barriers to entering the podcast world are easily surmountable, so the sheer number of podcasts… Continue reading Too Many Podcasts?


Microphones. I recently had a discussion with a client about microphone choice. He and his colleagues were preparing to spend a large sum of money on some very fashionable microphones. And those mics would have gotten the job done, but I contend you can get the same performance (perhaps even better) out of mics that… Continue reading Microphones