About Podcast Wizardry

About Podcast Wizardry

We offer custom Podcast Production options for all our clients. Each relationship is customized and bespoke to the project at hand.

Mickey Desai is the sole-proprietor of Podcast Wizardry.  With an M.A. in Counseling Psychology, almost two decades of business development experience and a résumé that touches IBM, TechBridge, and Southern Crescent Habitat for Humanity, Desai brings knowledge, understanding, and a unique perspective to every project. Mickey has a curiosity and sensitivity that stems from his academic pursuits and his experience working within a variety of organizational cultures. He is able to ensure that all parties feel heard in working toward problem resolution and maintains the mark of a good conversation is in the listening.

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In addition to his networking expertise, Mickey likes to take the time to learn about the people he meets and knows; his one-on-one caring about individuals is completely genuine. I’m also impressed by Mickey’s knowledge about nonprofit organizations and his dedication to them, as well as his vast general business understanding. He introduced me to the arena of podcast production, something I hadn’t been exposed to previously, which he made interesting and easy to learn… “

~Jennifer Dressel Lower

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